How to Choose Between Leasing or Buying a Vehicle in Labelle, FL

Let's Talk Purchasing Options

There are two different ways in which you can acquire a vehicle from our dealership. The first option is to lease the vehicle for a period of between two and four years. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase the car outright and keep it for as long as you want. To help you narrow down your options, Labelle Dodge Chrysler Jeep, Inc. is highlighting the perks of leasing and financing a vehicle.

The Benefits of Leasing a Car

The key benefit of leasing a car near Naples, FL, is that lease payments are generally lower than loan payments. This means that you can acquire a new vehicle while also staying within your transportation budget. Typically, you will be covered by the original manufacturer warranty for the entirety of the lease period.

It may be possible to transfer the agreement to another party or trade the vehicle in before it expires. However, you will likely need to seek the leasing company's permission before taking either of these steps. Our financing department will do our best to ensure that you understand the terms of any lease deal that you agree to before signing any paperwork.

The Benefits of Purchasing a Vehicle Outright

The primary benefit of buying a car near Lehigh Acres is that you are free to do whatever you'd like with it. Unlike a leasing company, a lender won't charge a fee if you ding the front bumper or drive more than 10,000 miles a year. Furthermore, a lender isn't going to care if the interior is gets stained or worn down.

Each time a payment is made to the financial institution that holds the loan, you accrue equity in the car that can be used as a credit toward a future vehicle lease or purchase. In addition, that positive equity can be used as collateral to secure a personal loan or to obtain other forms of credit.

Visit Our Dealership to Learn More

For more information on the differences between leasing and financing a vehicle, visit Labelle Dodge Chrysler Jeep, Inc. today. While you're here, we can tell you more about our outstanding vehicle promotions and incentives designed to save you money.

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