While luxury may not be a word that comes to mind when thinking of Ram trucks, there's no denying that that mental block will have to change, at least in the minds of serious car and truck enthusiasts. Cars.com just named both the Ram 1500 Limited and the Laramie Longhorn trims of the Ram 1500 to be the best luxury car of the year.

That's right - you read that correctly. Not the best luxury truck of the year, but the best luxury car overall. That means this Ram truck has beaten out Mercedes, Volvo, and every other major luxury name you can offer, plus any number of fancy amenities or tempered glass. Not only is that surprising in its own right, but it's even more surprising when you learn that this is the first time that's happened.

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No truck has ever been considered for this award before, making the Ram 1500 not only the first truck to win the award, but also the first truck to ever be nominated at all. And now drivers from Fort Myers, FL can experience this luxury truck for themselves with a test drive at Labelle Dodge Chrysler Jeep. If you thought Ram trucks were groundbreaking before, you'll be viewing them in a different light after this, especially considering the award is coming from cars.com and not some fringe auto site.

Apparently, what set the Ram 1500 aside from its competition was more than its amenities - it was its price tag. Value goes a long way in the world of luxury cars - manufacturers and the people who evaluate them want to feel as if they're getting more for their dollar, especially when they're shelling out large figures to get the best of the best.

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What stood out to evaluators of the Ram 1500 was the truck's stunning interior design, with its wood trim, leather coloring, and gorgeous inlays. The truck brings with it a sense of rich American history. Every cabin is uniquely decorated to give you a feeling of stepping into the American dream, and the people handing out this award definitely felt that, and decided it was the height of luxury.

Another thing that stood out was the vehicle's impressive multimedia system, which makes use of some of the best available technology to deliver an entertainment system that feels unrivaled in the luxury community. Passengers can feel fully immersed in their tasks without distracting the driver, who's free to occasionally interact with the driver display while staying firmly focused on the road.

The multimedia system was also praised for its simple user interface and relatively basic design. Sometimes, it doesn't matter how luxurious your features are if your customers can't figure out how to use them. The Ram 1500 has an interior that begs you to make use of it, and it's because of that this truck is setting the bar high for new luxury vehicles.

Obviously, manufacturers at Ram are ecstatic for their recognition. It's virtually unheard of that an American truck brand is associated with luxury, but cars.com is branching out in a way that means more car models might be seen for all they're capable of. For years, Ram has been delivering a unique line of trucks that might've been under-appreciated. Who knows what other hidden gems are out there that we might be missing out on? Depending on what happens, this award might be the start of something big.

In the future, who knows what more we can expect from Ram? The company will likely continue the same path they've been walking with the goal of delivering stunningly made vehicles that do what you need them to do in the best way possible. There's no denying that Ram trucks have always been known for making an entrance, but this award from cars.com might mean that soon they'll be known for being here to stay. This award should keep Ram in the mainstream truck conversations for some time to come, which definitely won't hurt their chances of ending up in more American driveways, either.

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Here at Labelle Dodge Chrysler Jeep, we are proud to present the award-winning Ram 1500 to drivers from the Clewiston, FL and Lehigh Acres, FL areas alike. Check it out in our new inventory to see for yourself all that an award-winning truck has offer.

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